• Nourish your body and mind with our beautiful all natural essential oil bath bombs. The name says it all, add yourself and bomb to a warm bath and relax.


    Beautiful blend of ylang ylang essential oil. Topped with crushed rose petals and dried calendula petals.


    Directions: Add to warm bath and enjoy.

    These have approx 2+ minutes of fizz time, and will ignite the senses. Satisfying for both adults and kids!


    All our products can be selected to make up your own personalised self-care, self-love box. They are also the perfect gift for someone special. To learn more about our mindfully curated gift boxes or to start creating your own, visit our “Create Your Own Box” page.


    100% natural and handcrafted with love x

    Bundles of Bliss Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb

    • Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, cornflour, grapeseed oil, ylang ylang essential oil, dried botanicals