• With the main ingredient in this luxurious blend being oats, it has a range of benefits. Did you know that oatmeal is moisturising for your skin? It helps to form a protective barrier that helps keep the moisture in.


    Place 1/2 cup of the bath tea into the Muslim bag and let the bag steep in the bath for 15 minutes before getting in. The bag acts like a tea bag and will slowly release the lavender and ylang ylang essential oils throughout the bath to help you relax. The best part (we think) is that you’re able to reuse the muslin bag


    Once you’ve finished your bath, simply empty the remains into the compost, rinse the bag and let it dry for your next bath


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    100% natural and handcrafted with love x

    Bundles of Bliss Bath Tea

    • Oats, bicarbonate soda, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, dried calendula petals, dried lavender petals, dried rose petals and added oats