The ultimate in lox tox home cleaning! There is nothing better then making your home sparkle with products that not only smell good, but are safe for yourself and the kids. You can breathe easy knowing that they are chemical free, good for the planet and good for you. Toilet fizzies: Drop it in the toilet, allow it to fizz, scrub with the brush and flush. Does it get any easier? Multipurpose spray: Spray and wipe on any type of surface. Test patch first if you are concerned.  Carpet deodoriser: Shake it on, leave for 15 minutes then vacuum. Can be used on carpets, rugs, fabric lounges and even mattresses. Cleaning paste: Use in the kitchen and laundry sinks, plus the showers and bath. Rub it on, scrub, rinse.

Green Clean Curated Box

  • Toilet fizzies: bicarb soda, citric acid, cornflour, grapeseed oil, lemon essential oil.

    Multipurpose Spray: distilled water, white vinegar, eucalyptus, wild orange and peppermint essential oils

    Carpet Deodoriser: bicarb soda, lemon, siberian fir, citronella, lime, tea tree, cilantro essential oils.

    Glass Cleaner: distilled water, white vinegar, lemon essential oil

    Cleaning Paste: bicarb soda, white vinegar, coconut oil, castille soap, wild orange and lemon essential oils