Are you a bath lover? Or know someone who is? This is the perfect Bundle of Bliss for those who are wanting an indulgent bath experience.


Bundles of Bliss Bath Bomb

Bundles of Bliss Bath Tea

Petal & Spice Candle

Chillax Beauty Studio Bath Oil

Bundles of Bliss Bath Salts

Sips and Soaks Tea Shot


All our products can be selected to make up your own personalised self-care, self-love box. They are also the perfect gift for someone special. To learn more about our mindfully curated gift boxes or to start creating your own, visit our “Create Your Own Box” page.


Please note our curated self care boxes are seasonal and can have occasional variances in the contents. 100% natural and handcrafted with love x

Blissful Bath Bundle

  • Bath Salts - Pink himalayan salt, epsom salts, wild orange essential oil, dried botanicals

    Bath Tea - Oats, bicarbonate soda, essential oils, dried botanicals

    Bath Bomb - Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, cornflour, grapeseed oil, essential oils

    Chillax Body Oil - Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, saflower oil, essential oils, dried botanicals and crystals

    Petal & Spice Candle - Natural soy wax, essential oils, petals

    Sips and Soaks Tea Shot - Seasonal dried tea leaves